Entendendo cada ROLE

8 04 2008

ROLES (como tradução literal seriam os papéis que cada artista representa em um show/peça) são as posições que os cast members podem trabalhar no Walt Disney World, em qualquer um dos parques ou hotéis. Antes da entrevista, pra qualquer um dos programas, a gente tem que escolher as nossas roles preferidas pra trabalhar. Mas primeiro recebemos uma lista dizendo quais serão ofertadas pela Disney naquele momento. Alguns programas, como o ICP 2005/06 tiveram muito mais opções diferentes do que os outros. Sendo que tem sempre essas: MERCHANDISE, QUICK SERVICE, OPERATIONS e CUSTODIAL.
Aqui tem uma descrição básica das tarefas pedidas em cada role. A maioria eu tirei do Role Checklist do Academic Program de Abril/2008, e algumas que não foram ofertadas pra esse grupo, eu achei em um site de uma faculdade americana.
Ah, além dessas, existem muitas outras roles nos parques e hotéis, mas elas não podem ser feitas por brasileiros. É o caso daquelas que permitem receber gorjeta (acho isso péssimo, pq não né?!) e as do World Showcase do EPCOT, que cada país tem seus próprios nativos, o que não inclui o Brasil.
Falando um pouco de mim, eu já decidi minhas 3 primeiras opções: CHARACTER PERFORMER, MERCHANDISE, CUSTODIAL. As outras ainda estou em dúvida, mas depois falo mais sobre o pq de cada escolha.
Aqui vão as descrições:
(recomendo muito pra quem tem dúvidas, entrar no http://www.castmember.com.br, lá tem uma descrição mais detalhada de cada role e depoimentos das pessoas que já trabalharam nelas!!!)

Quick Service Food and Beverage

  • Selling food and beverages at outdoor carts, including alcohol beverages
  • Filling orders, preparing and assembling food items
  • Cash handling and using a computerized cash register
  • Setting and stocking tables, carts, and restaurants
  • Heavy lifting
  • Pushing carts
  • Keeping the work area clean – bussing tables, cleaning kitchen and counter equipment, emptying trash cans
  • Working with chemicals


  • Demonstrating and selling merchandise in indoor and outdoor areas, including alcoholic beverages
  • Cash handling and operating a computerized cash register
  • Setting, stocking and cleaning shelves and carts
  • Lifting
  • Light preparation of food/candy
  • Package delivery
  • Stroller rental

Operations (Attractions or Park Greeter)

  • Introducing the show or attraction by speaking in front of large groups
  • Monitoring guest safety and guest flow
  • Loading and unloading guests from the attraction
  • Handling the console and evacuation of the attraction
  • Organizing audience control
  • Working with Fast Pass, the ticketing distribution system that confirms attraction ride times
  • Greeting and welcoming all guests who enter the park, while working in a fast-paced environment
  • Working with different ticket media to be able to validate the Guests’ tickets
  • Valid driver’s license is required for certain roles; Do you have a current driver’s license? Yes ____ No ____


  • High guest interaction while working independently
  • Cleaning – including restrooms and toilets
  • Working with cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Bussing restaurants
  • Sweeping
  • Emptying trashcans

Full Service Food and Beverage

  • Greeting and seating Guests in restaurants that could be located in a theme park or resort
  • Utilizing a computerized reservation system
  • Cash handling
  • Rolling silverware, folding napkins, and keeping area stocked

Character Performer

  • Portray specific costumed character roles
  • Working in hot confining costumes
  • Communicate non-verbally to guests
  • Signing autographs
  • Posing for photographs
  • Must pass audition for role


  • Monitoring guests’ safety in water and on attractions
  • Providing first aid and basic life support during guest injury and illness
  • Keeping pool areas clean
  • Strong swimming skills
  • Cashiering
  • Custodial duties
  • During off-peak seasons, may assist other operating areas throughout Walt Disney World® Resort.

Each individual must be evaluated and certified at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Maintaining Guests’ safety at the resort pools, marinas or water parks is our #1 expectation. In the event you do not pass the swim test described below, you will be given an opportunity to pursue other vacant positions.

Lifeguard Swim Test

Swim 200 yards (183 meters) freestyle or breaststroke

  • Swim 15 yards (13.7 m) underwater to retrieve a 10-lb brick (4.5 kg)
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only your leg


  • Cleaning – multiple guest rooms including toilet, shower, sinks and tubs
  • Working with cleaning chemicals
  • Making beds requiring repetitive bending
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Emptying trashcans
  • Heavy lifting
  • Working independently with attention to detail


  • Assisting guests in one or more recreational areas such as towel rental, watercraft rental, marina operations, arcades, children’s activities or resort recreational facilities
  • Keeping work area clean
  • Maintaining safety standards

Resort Hopper

  • Split time between Housekeeping and Hospitality at any one of our resorts
  • Ability to be flexible and work independently
  • Review housekeeping and hospitality descriptions

Vacation Planner

  • High volume of ticket sales and transactions
  • Strong awareness of the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort and its ticket media
  • Learning computer-based ticketing systems
  • Assisting Guests with itinerary planning
  • Working well under pressure

Role Hopper

  • Work in more than one environment within each date, week or month
  • “Hop” to different locations within the same line of business or experience more than one role
  • Will work in any of the following roles: Quick Service Food & Beverage, Merchandise, and/or Operations

Hospitality/Bell Services

  • Must be willing to work in all of the following areas but might only work in one: Front Desk, Luggage Services, Dispatch or Telephone Room
  • Lifting, tagging, and delivering luggage
  • Checking guests in and out and processing payments
  • Operating a computerized based system
  • Handling large sums of money
  • Answering guest telephone calls

Character Attendant

Cast Members provide Guests with information about the Walt Disney World Resort. This could include show schedules, attraction information, Character set locations & set times. Individuals must exhibit a positive, friendly, helpful attitude to Guests. This is a global role and Cast Members will work in multiple locations across the Walt Disney World Resort, including all four theme parks and in any of our resorts.
• Responsibilities may include: maintaining show quality and Character integrity, directing Guests on appropriate photographs, providing audience control, set up and removing stanchions, ropes and poles, retrieving and arranging strollers, and maintaining cleanliness and order in your work location.


Cast Members will have the opportunity to work in one of the numerous areas that take Guests to and from the resorts and theme parks. These Cast Members may staff our Monorail and/or watercraft operating areas and will encounter a high level of Guest contact. Due to the nature of this role, individuals may experience prolonged exposure to outside weather elements and should have swimming skills.
• Responsibilities may include: driving vehicles, delivering narrations during trips, loading and unloading Guests, and assisting with audience control.

• A valid driver’s license is required for this role.tuming


Cast Members could be working at any one of our many wardrobe departments throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, issuing costumes to fellow Cast Members. These individuals are often the first person Cast Members interact with before they start their shift. Cast Members in this role may be required to travel to work at any one of the Costuming destinations on or off property. This role can be physically demanding and requires heavy lifting and bending. This is a backstage role with minimal Guest interaction.
• Responsibilities may include: overhead reaching, bending and lifting, moving heavy costumes from location to location, issuing costumes to fellow Cast Members, operating basic laundry equipment, checking garments, transporting locker bags, and some light laundry.



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